Playlist for 2007

A Walk in the Park
Ines Brunn, China, 2005, 6 min

Artistic cyclist Ines Brunn knows some pretty fancy bike tricks, but will they be enough to impress the people out for a walk in this Beijing park?

Bicycle Messengers
Joshua Frankel, USA, 2005, 5 min

Animated bicycle messengers navigate a live-action midtown Manhattan.

Long Line of Cars
Wease, Canada, 2006, 4 min

A helmet-cam view of that long, long, long line of cars commuter cyclists pass on their way in to work from the suburbs.

Bicycle Clown
Sid Davis Films, USA, 1958, 10 min

Jimmy thinks showing off for his friends is more important than following bicycle safety rules. He's going to have to pay the price.

Tokyo's Flatland Riders
Ares Bykes, Japan, 2006, 2 min

Flashy tricks for little bikes.

Masashi Nakamura, Japan, 2006, 5 min

In the middle of nowhere, Japan, one man rides flatland. Over time others join him.

Bicycle Ladies
Siren Films, Canada, 1990, 15 min

The family butler recounts the fascination of a Victorian woman with the newest form of transportation -- the bicycle.

Bike Skirts
Jill Dalton, Canada, 2006, 4 min

Yo Cyclistas! It's time to sexy up yourselves.

Wetten Dass?
ZDFmediathek, Germany, 2003, 6 min

Make pancakes from scratch in 3 minutes while standing on the handle bars of your bike? The crowd bets Ines Brunn can't do it, but we know better.

The Breath
James Connelly, USA, 2006, 15 min

In this post-apocalyptic world, possession of the breath is key to survival.

East Van Bike Polo
Robert Alstead, Republic of East Vancouver, 2007, 2 min

Polo, on bicycles, in East Van, for the people, yah.

Off the Beaten Track
Leo Bridle, England, 2004, 2 min

A lone bicycle rider finds a fantastic world when he ventures off the beaten track.

a slip in time
Robert Alstead, Canada, 2007, 4 min

A Vancouver cycling reverie.

Two Feet and a Heartbeat
Tim Harvey, Canada, 2007, 5 min

The five minute version of Tim Harvey's 893 day human powered global circumnavigation.


All proceeds from this event benefit the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition and Free Geek Vancouver.


Playlist for 2006

L'Ecole des Facteurs
Cady Films, France, 1947, 18 min

Jacques Tati stars as a bicycle-riding postman who must improve his delivery time to keep up with modernization in the postal service.

Polo Invasion
Rev Phil, USA, 2004, 7 min

It's Seattle vs. Portland in the high-stakes world of bicycle polo.

Bicycling as Truth
Sabrina Matthews, Canada, 2006, 10 min

It has nothing to do with Zen and the theology of making motors go. It's more basic, riding a bicycle ...

One Tired Guy
Freeride Entertainment, Canada, 2001, 18 min

Kris Holm rides snow-covered moguls, Mexico's highest volcano, Vancouver's North Shore and the railing on Burrard bridge -- on one wheel.

God's Children
Peanut Butter Thief, USA, 2005, 7 min

The incredible true story of a vigilante bait bike program in Prescott, Arizona.


The Day I Became a Woman: Ahoo
Marzieh Meshkini, Iran, 2000, 27 min

In this surreal meditation on life in modern day Iran, a woman defies her husband and community to enter a bicycle race.

Dead People Ride Bikes Too
Kathleen Lorden, USA, 2005, 1 min

A car crash on Halloween night leads to an encounter with a ghostly cyclist.

Critical / Read
Bruce Triggs, Canada, 2006, 8 min

Four year old twins, Myriam and Harriet, take a trip through Chinatown to the Vancouver Public Library.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation The Here & Now, USA, 2005, 3 min

A jaunty ride through the Kootenays with My Pink Bike.

Eyeland Films, England, 2004, 14 min

Brian's high-voltage attempt to ward off bike thieves proves fatal to his elderly neighbour's pets. But, old Mrs. Doherty just might have the last laugh.

Love to all the Rebels
Martin Reis, Canada, 2005, 1 min

A visual feast dedicated to all those who ride in Critical Mass.

2000 + 5 CM
Robert Alstead, Canada, 2006, 6 min.

Re-live Vancouver's biggest ever critical mass ride, and get ready for CM 2006! From the producer of You Never Bike Alone.



Tickets sold 228/210

Thanks you Vancouver Bike Lovers!



Playlist for 2005

The Holland Tunnel - USA 2000 Niestat brothers 2:39 minutes - It's 5 pm on a Friday and a traffic jam in the Holland Tunnel adds 35 minutes to the commute from lower Manhattan to Hoboken, New Jersey... or does it?

Bike Thief - USA 2004 Niestat brothers 5:11 minutes - After losing $1800 in bicycles and parts to thieves, the Niestat brothers conducted a study to see, from the thief's perspective, what is involved in stealing a locked bike.

The Bike Ride - USA 2000 Animation Tom Schroeder 7 minutes - James rides his bike 50 miles to visit his girlfriend.

A Straight Long Road - Italy 1994 Werther Germondari and Maria Laura Spagnoli 5 minutes - Strange things can happen on a solitary bike ride.

Foes, Woes and Heroes - Cuba/USA Marilyn Perez 10 minutes - Bicycle mechanics, known as poncheros, are among Cuba's first entrepreneurs.

Voice of the Village - Finland 2002 Erkki Maattanen 29 minutes - A documentary on Otto Rummukainen, a 91 year old best-selling author, who rain or shine jumps on his bicycle and sells his books door to door in northern Finland.

Extinction Stinks: the Director's Cut - Canada 2000 Dinosaurs Against Fossil Fuels 6 minutes - The true story of how the dinosaurs learned to ride bikes.

In the Cycling Park - Japan 1996 18 minutes Masaki Hosakawa - A quiet film where a flat tire leads to two young strangers on a romantic ride.

On Time - USA 1985 Ari Taub 7 minutes - Jimmy, a bicycle messenger from the Albatross Courier Company, is out to deliver a package "on time". Braving the perilous city streets, there's nothing Jimmy can't handle, or is there?

Hiding From the Wind - Canada 2003 Bruce Mohun for Knowledge Network 25 minutes - Gabriola Island sculptor George Georgiev designs and builds the world's fastest human powered vehicles. This film documents the 2001 World Human Powered Speed Challenge held annually in the Nevada desert where Victoria cyclist Sam Whittingham set a record of 80.55 mph in Georgiev's Varna Diablo.

Proceeds from this event benefited the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition and the Dinosaurs Against Fossil Fuels.

Tickets sold = 189/210

Thanks you Vancouver CycloAfficiandos!


Playlist for 2004

One Got Fat - Produced by Interlude Films, U.S.A. 1963, live action, run time 15 minutes - Planet of the Apes meets Leave it to Beaver in this bizarre bicycle safety film in which a group of ape-children suffer a ridiculously high casualty rate enroute to a nearby park.

Frog Crossing - Produced by Ari Gold Films, U.S.A. 1997, live action, run time 12 minutes - A goofy tale of a fervent environmentalist who sets out to help mating frogs cross a remote stretch of highway and ends up finding love himself.

Autoschreck (Car-Fright) - Distributed by CarBusters, Germany 2002, documentary, run time 17 minutes - The car is taking over the city. Michael Hartmann refuses to bow to them, refuses even to divert around the cars illegally parked on the sidewalk. Autoschreck is a documentary about a man committed to a mental hospital for being perfectly normal. He was just giving the cars a taste of their own medicine.

Father and Daughter - Directed by Michael Dudok De Wit, Great Britain and the Netherlands 2000, animation, run time 8 minutes - A story of longing and the bonds between a father and daughter. Academy Award winner for Best Animated Short, 2001

20 More Minutes of Sleep - Produced by Erica Stocking, Canada, 20 minutes - Erica gets out of bed and onto her bike: she has breakfast, gets dressed, brushes her teeth and styles her hair, all enroute to school.

Easy Rollin' - Produced by Marianne Bos & Hadas Levy, Canada 2004, live action, run time 17 minutes - As cars continue to congest the streets of Canadian cities and the lungs of their inhabitants, a small group of Vancouverites has found a funky way to bring together their environmental, social and artistic ideals.

Car Walker - Produced by David Grove, Canada 2004, live action, run time 5 minutes - Featuring the car walker chopper.

BikeTV: Episode 2003-14 - Produced by, U.S.A. 2003, live action, run time 25 minutes - One episode of the monthly cable TV show produced by the vivacious volunteers of NYC's

Proceeds from this event benefited the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition and the Dinosaurs Against Fossil Fuels.

Tickets sold 129/210!

Thank you Vancouver Bike Lovers.