Playlist for 2004

One Got Fat - Produced by Interlude Films, U.S.A. 1963, live action, run time 15 minutes - Planet of the Apes meets Leave it to Beaver in this bizarre bicycle safety film in which a group of ape-children suffer a ridiculously high casualty rate enroute to a nearby park.

Frog Crossing - Produced by Ari Gold Films, U.S.A. 1997, live action, run time 12 minutes - A goofy tale of a fervent environmentalist who sets out to help mating frogs cross a remote stretch of highway and ends up finding love himself.

Autoschreck (Car-Fright) - Distributed by CarBusters, Germany 2002, documentary, run time 17 minutes - The car is taking over the city. Michael Hartmann refuses to bow to them, refuses even to divert around the cars illegally parked on the sidewalk. Autoschreck is a documentary about a man committed to a mental hospital for being perfectly normal. He was just giving the cars a taste of their own medicine.

Father and Daughter - Directed by Michael Dudok De Wit, Great Britain and the Netherlands 2000, animation, run time 8 minutes - A story of longing and the bonds between a father and daughter. Academy Award winner for Best Animated Short, 2001

20 More Minutes of Sleep - Produced by Erica Stocking, Canada, 20 minutes - Erica gets out of bed and onto her bike: she has breakfast, gets dressed, brushes her teeth and styles her hair, all enroute to school.

Easy Rollin' - Produced by Marianne Bos & Hadas Levy, Canada 2004, live action, run time 17 minutes - As cars continue to congest the streets of Canadian cities and the lungs of their inhabitants, a small group of Vancouverites has found a funky way to bring together their environmental, social and artistic ideals.

Car Walker - Produced by David Grove, Canada 2004, live action, run time 5 minutes - Featuring the car walker chopper.

BikeTV: Episode 2003-14 - Produced by, U.S.A. 2003, live action, run time 25 minutes - One episode of the monthly cable TV show produced by the vivacious volunteers of NYC's

Proceeds from this event benefited the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition and the Dinosaurs Against Fossil Fuels.

Tickets sold 129/210!

Thank you Vancouver Bike Lovers.