Playlist for 2005

The Holland Tunnel - USA 2000 Niestat brothers 2:39 minutes - It's 5 pm on a Friday and a traffic jam in the Holland Tunnel adds 35 minutes to the commute from lower Manhattan to Hoboken, New Jersey... or does it?

Bike Thief - USA 2004 Niestat brothers 5:11 minutes - After losing $1800 in bicycles and parts to thieves, the Niestat brothers conducted a study to see, from the thief's perspective, what is involved in stealing a locked bike.

The Bike Ride - USA 2000 Animation Tom Schroeder 7 minutes - James rides his bike 50 miles to visit his girlfriend.

A Straight Long Road - Italy 1994 Werther Germondari and Maria Laura Spagnoli 5 minutes - Strange things can happen on a solitary bike ride.

Foes, Woes and Heroes - Cuba/USA Marilyn Perez 10 minutes - Bicycle mechanics, known as poncheros, are among Cuba's first entrepreneurs.

Voice of the Village - Finland 2002 Erkki Maattanen 29 minutes - A documentary on Otto Rummukainen, a 91 year old best-selling author, who rain or shine jumps on his bicycle and sells his books door to door in northern Finland.

Extinction Stinks: the Director's Cut - Canada 2000 Dinosaurs Against Fossil Fuels 6 minutes - The true story of how the dinosaurs learned to ride bikes.

In the Cycling Park - Japan 1996 18 minutes Masaki Hosakawa - A quiet film where a flat tire leads to two young strangers on a romantic ride.

On Time - USA 1985 Ari Taub 7 minutes - Jimmy, a bicycle messenger from the Albatross Courier Company, is out to deliver a package "on time". Braving the perilous city streets, there's nothing Jimmy can't handle, or is there?

Hiding From the Wind - Canada 2003 Bruce Mohun for Knowledge Network 25 minutes - Gabriola Island sculptor George Georgiev designs and builds the world's fastest human powered vehicles. This film documents the 2001 World Human Powered Speed Challenge held annually in the Nevada desert where Victoria cyclist Sam Whittingham set a record of 80.55 mph in Georgiev's Varna Diablo.

Proceeds from this event benefited the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition and the Dinosaurs Against Fossil Fuels.

Tickets sold = 189/210

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